An Easy Knit - Suitable for Beginner Knitters

Not TV Knitting - Requires some concentration

Not Too Tricky - You need a few skills

We hope you enjoy our selection of FREE patterns.  Please click on the image to download the pattern.

You will need Acrobat Reader to download these patterns.  If it is not installed on your computer then click on the logo below

Felted Bag

Christmas Mousie

Feza Scarf

Eclair Handbag

Heart decoration

Phone Cozy

Bear in a Bag

Beaded Bag

Dolly Bag

If you need help with any of these patterns, please email us by clicking!%20%20I%20need%20some%20assistance%20with%20a%20pattern...

Bunny Egg Cosies

Poppy Beanie

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Summer Bunting

Egg Cosies

Five Petal Flower


Tea Cosy

adaptation **

**  You will need the Summer Bunting Tea Cosy pattern to make this project

Lucy’s Lacy Wrap


Planete Bag

Easter Bunny